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Fitbit Sense 2 briefly dropped to $80, but it’s still a deal at this current price

Just over a month after the Fitbit Sense 2 went up for sale, Amazon offered what looked like a phenomenal deal on this smartwatch, bringing the $300 down to just $80 — a savings of nearly 75%. Unfortunately, this turned out to be too good to be true, and the retailer has since reverted the listing to offer it on sale at the slightly more reasonable $200 level.

First spotted by Phone Arena, that excellent-sounding deal was likely just a pricing error on Fitbit’s or Amazon’s part. Other retailers discounted the Fitbit Sense 2 from its original price of $300 to $200 as part of early Black Friday deals. For example, all colorways of the watch are on sale for that price at Best Buy today, and we haven’t found any other retailers dropping a version down to $80.

Amazon has already updated its page and is no longer displaying the $80 price, but we’re curious if early orders will ultimately go through, and if the company does honor that pricing. We didn’t love the Fitbit Sense 2 in our review, and our main criticism of the smartwatch was the very high price for a device that isn’t a fully-fledged Wear OS smartwatch. Our official review said, “This fitness tracker has no business costing $300 in 2022”.

Our other criticisms were the lack of Google services such as Maps, Wallet, and Assistant, the switch to an aluminum design when the first-generation used stainless steel, and the lack of music integration. As our review notes, if you can find the Fitbit Sense 2 for a significant discount, you may enjoy what it’s capable of doing. Today, that discount is here, but you may have to act quickly to get one.