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Google Working on Dramatic Search Changes to Counter AI Rivals: Report

Google is working on search changes to counter artificial intelligence (AI) rivals that pose a threat to the company’s search engine, The New York Times reported.

The Times reported that Samsung was considering using Microsoft’s Bing instead of Google as its default search engine on its devices. This news comes after Microsoft announced plans to incorporate AI tools into its Bing search engine following Google’s announcement of its own plans to launch AI-powered features in its search tools.

The Times reviewed internal messages from Google employees, who reportedly responded with “panic” to the threat of Samsung pulling the Google engine. According to internal documents reviews by The Times, Google is updated its existing search engine with more features in a project called Magi.

Magi aims to create a more personalized experience for every user than what it offers in its engine currently, The Times reported. Magi will first update Google’s existing search engine using a team of 160 people, according to the report.

Lara Levin, a Google spokeswoman, said in a statement to The Times that “not every brainstorm deck or product idea leads to a launch, but as we’ve said before, we’re excited about bringing new A.I.-powered features to search, and will share more details soon.”

Two people with knowledge of the matter told The Times that Google started a task force to tackle its AI competitors two weeks after ChatGBT was launched in November. Google released its own AI chatbot, Bard, last month, but received mixed reviews, according to The Times.

Source : The Hill