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God of War Ragnarok to Feature a Transmog Armour System Due to Popular Demand

God of War Ragnarok is shaping up to be a groundbreaking video game; that much is obvious from the time we’ve spent exploring the Nine Realms so far. It improves on many aspects of its predecessor, 2018’s God of War, and in some ways, exceeds them. Case in point, the inclusion of a transmog armour system, a feature fans were clamouring for but never came to the original, has now been confirmed to be a thing in Ragnarok.

If you didn’t know, a transmogrification system is a feature popular in MMOs and RPGs that allows the player to alter the visual appearance of an item or a piece of gear but keep the associated statistics. So, say you found a powerful armour suit but hated how it looks; you could change it to something more aesthetically pleasing while keeping the benefits.

On the official Santa Monica Studios Discord channel, during a recent live Q&A session, God of War Ragnarok’s combat design lead, Mihir Sheth, was asked whether the game would feature an armour transmog system, to which he replied, “The short answer is yes. There is a way to do it…it’s there in the game.”

So there you have it. From the way Sheth phrased the answer, we wouldn’t expect the kind of robust transmogrification system found in something like Final Fantasy XIV, but something is better than nothing. We look forward to seeing all of your most fashionable Norse-inspired outfits whenever photo mode is made available.

God of War Ragnarok will launch on 9th November, and as the appointed day draws ever closer, the wait gets a little harder. Spoilers are officially out in the wild, too, folks, so stay safe out there. Were you one of the fans clamouring for the inclusion of a transmog system in Ragnarok? Why, or why not? Dress to impress in the comments section below.