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The Best Celebrity Houses from Modest to Most Expensive

Many celebrities are known to reside in extravagant homes, but some have chosen to maintain a more modest lifestyle by keeping their house prices low. But not every celebrity lives a lavish lifestyle; many have chosen to stay modest and keep their home prices low. In this Article, we’ll explore 15 celebrity houses from modest to most expensive – including Tom Hanks’ Los Angeles abode and Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s Bel Air mansion – with details about when they were bought, who lived there for how long, etc. Get ready to be surprised by which celebs chose simple living over opulence.

Tom Hanks – Los Angeles, California

Tom Hanks is a Hollywood icon, and his Los Angeles home reflects that. Tom Hanks’ Los Angeles abode, worth an estimated $26 million, is situated in the heart of the city and boasts four bedrooms and six bathrooms with a total living area of 8,500 square feet as well as a pool and spa. The house itself has four bedrooms and six bathrooms, with a total living area of 8,500 square feet. It also features a pool and spa for ultimate relaxation. Inside the abode, luxurious details like marble surfaces and wood flooring are present. As far as inhabitants go, Tom shares the residence with his wife Rita Wilson and their two sons Chet Hanks and Truman Theodore Hanks.

The Last Known Price of Home was an impressive $26 million dollars which makes it one of the most expensive homes in all of LA County. With its spacious floor plan, modern amenities such as heated floors throughout the house, swimming pool & spa – it’s no wonder why Tom chose to call this place home.

The main entrance opens up into an expansive foyer leading to multiple rooms including a formal dining room and living room, both featuring vaulted ceilings and fireplaces while overlooking lush green gardens outside through large windows providing plenty of natural light into each space. Furthermore, there are four bedrooms on the second level along with six bathrooms, making sure everyone has enough privacy when needed while they enjoy their stay at Tom’s mansion. Lastly but not least are Chet and Truman who have been residing here since 2023 alongside their parents, adding some more life to the already stunning estate.

Tom Hanks’ Los Angeles home is a modest, yet cozy abode for the beloved actor and his family. Moving on to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Bel Air estate, it is quite the opposite in terms of extravagance.

Tom Hanks’ $26 million LA mansion is a luxurious 8,500 sq ft property with 4 beds & 6 baths. He shares it with his wife and two sons who have been living there since 2023. #CelebrityHomes #LuxuryLiving

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