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Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry: US Supports Separatist Regime

The US, as a country supporting the separatist regime, is also responsible for not putting an end to double standards, reads a statement by the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan, Report informs.

Azerbaijan, not only following the 2020 44-Day War, but also for almost 30 years of occupation of its lands, has been committed to the norms and principles of international law and the peace process, according to the statement.

“In contrary, the US side being a mediator has never urged Armenia, as an aggressor and a destabilizing source in the region, to act in line with international law and withdraw from the territories of Azerbaijan and end the occupation, which lays a responsibility on the US side as well. Additionally, it was also an accountability of the US side that it has not prevented the double-standard approach, while being a side supporting the separatist regime, was the only country to officially fund this regime and facilitated their representative visits and meetings with the officials in the United States on a regular basis,” the statement reads.

Source : Report